Accomplishments are the achievements of the BHX: Army of Darkos game. These can be earned by meeting special requirements in the game. Earning some achievements gets you special equipment, new skills in Cloud, Julius, or Zack's skill trees, hidden cut-scenes, or even new costumes for characters.

List of Achievements (Note that when you enable cheats, all achievements are disabled. Edit

First Time: Start up the game for the first time.

Escapees: Escape Fowler Prison.

Welcome to Fowler Town, boys: Enter Fowler Town for the first time.

Why you gotta be so darude?: Escape Plant Darude.

Like a good neighbor, Google maps is there: Finish MetaPlanet.

Find yourself ;): Finish After-Earth.

Attack on Fleet: Take down Darkos's fleet of ships.

1000 to 3 real quick: Defeat the 1000 troopers.

One last tussle: Defeat Darkos.

You were my brother, Cloud: Defeat Zack and Julius.

Unity: Chose the "Deathwish" option.

Supremacy: Chose the "Join the dark side" option.

Ey b0ss(es): Defeat every boss in the game.

Swordsman: Obtain all of Cloud's weapons.

Double Chained Blades: Obtain all of Julius's weapons.

Crystal Master: Obtain all of Zack's weapons.

Fully Loaded: Obtain all of Zack, Julius, and Clouds' weapons.

Harder better faster stronger ᕙ༼◕ل͜◕༽ᕗ: Max out all of Julius's upgrades.

The strongest: Max out all of Zack's upgrades.

Gottem: Max out all of Cloud's upgrades.

Jolis: Obtain all of Julius's costumes, upgrades, and weapons.

Zacko: Obtain all of Zack's costumes, upgrades, and weapons.

Cloud: Obtain all of Cloud's costumes, upgrades, and weapons.

Noice!: Level up one character to level 99.

Friggin Hardo: Level up all characters to level 99.

Clocko's defeat: Secret achievement.

Just sunk my battleship ;): Secret achievement.

Kappa: Secret achievement.

The b0ss of Wall Street: Finish Boss Rush for the first time.

u have been fasted by the fast master: Finish all worlds with a total finish time of 60 minutes or less.

sanik b00m: Finish Fowler prison in under 10 minutes.

Faster: Finish Planet Darude in under 10 minutes.

FASTERINO: Finish MetaPlanet in under 10 minutes.

FASTRONI: Finish After Earth in 10 minutes or less.

Fastard: Finish Darkos's fleet in under 10 minutes.

OhMyFuckingGodRektingPusiSoHardCallMeErektosaurusRektPrepareYourAnusThePainTrainIsAComing: Secret Achievement.

100% Completion: Obtain 100% Completion.