BHX Game Editor (also known as the Battle Heroes X Game Editor) is the development tool for all three Battle Heroes X games.

Interview With Vortex Factory Developer. Edit

Have you worked on the Battle Heroes X RPG games before?

Yes, I worked in the audio department of the game primarily.

Can you tell us more about the BHX Game Editor?

We had the bright idea of giving away the development tool so other online developers can fix our mistakes, whether it be grammatical or just bugs found throughout the game. Also, since we were also updating the games a bit, we didn't have enough time to actually put all of the cheats in, so one of my co-workers said "Why not let them create their own?" since we couldn't really do that, we just gave away the Game Editor.

How did the BHX Game Editor happen?

We wanted to fit so much content into all three of these games, and RPG Maker didn't really make the cut for us, mostly because all of the developers despise it for some reason, so we decided to create the development tool. Also, another bit of trivia, there were two versions of the BHX Game Editor which was released: the Developer Version which we developers used and the Standard Version, which was the version released for The Full Trilogy.

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